South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood

South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood

On October 25th attendees of the ACTIVEIGHT Conference used their Strength To Serve the South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood. For an hour and a half fitness professionals and enthusiasts dug trenches, cleared rocks, and restored garden beds. Strength Partner ActivLab Phoenix will continue this partnership, being on call to do any needed heavy lifting.

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Founded by MentorKids USA, the South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood provides children and youth with a safe play space and a community garden as an intentional endeavor to increase their physical activity and access to locally grown healthy food. The safe play space and community garden is a collectively impactful collaboration with mentors, volunteers, stakeholders and partners which holds promise for transformational leadership, teamwork and critical prevention efforts such as life skills and socialization for children, youth and families. Studies have shown that safe play spaces promote physical activity and wellness in communities. Activities include baseball, gardening, walking clubs and recreation.

Just wanted to thank you for your help today at the Marguerite Ave lot in Phoenix where you dug trenches, moved tile and performed a miracle!! I watched you guys dig a trench in one hour that would have taken the average person weeks!

Theresa LillianPromise Garden Wall Mural Artist