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Strength To Serve

Strength To Serve is a movement to revolutionize the culture of fitness as we reclaim and redefine its purpose.

Founded in 2012, Strength To Serve mobilizes and equips fitness communities to meet the physical needs of local, life giving non-profits. Our vision is to inspire a new view of fitness as a means to better build and serve local communities while improving the health of everyone involved.

Strength To Serve is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. All donations are tax deductible and will be used to further the Strength to Serve mission, loving and serving local communities.

About the Founder:

Jeremy Shore

Jeremy Shore

Executive Director, Founder

As a fitness expert and education director, Jeremy works with some of the top fitness companies in the world including Matrix Fitness, Dynamax, Trigger Point and reGYMS. He has made appearances on The Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show and other morning shows coast to coast. And he’s an expert contributor for ReebokONE, and Men’s Health Magazine. Jeremy launched Strength To Serve in 2012 to assist life saving nonprofits by mobilizing fitness communities around the world to do their heavy lifting.

“It’s time to turn our ‘show muscle into go muscle.’ We need to get our hands in the dirt and some skin in the game serving local non-profits. STS will help you connect with like-minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts so you can #SHIELDUP and fight for those in need. We must be the first to step up when physical needs arise whether it’s land to clear, boxes to carry, or a well to dig, it’s time we do the heavy lifting. The GLOBAL fitness community has a new charge: Stand up, Shield up, and Use Your Strength To Serve.